A new year :)

Hi!Happy new year everyone!

I just wanted to let you know I’ve started a new Facebook page which will be linked to my new YouTube channel next year… Featuring video blogs from me and various guests… And also footage of some of my live music performances of original songs, all based around the new thought /spiritual ideas and concepts on mynew

blog. This is a new phase in my life that I hope to grow as a new platform for myself, having been a professional singer for the past 20 years, hopefully helping others along the way, and integrating my own original music into the mix. This has been 20 years in the making… Of course I’ll be continuing to add to this one as well as I’ll always have new wonderous things to add about our journey!

Please ‘like’ my page or share it if you have the time. Thank you for your support xxx Here’s to the beginning of a new year and a new phase in life, all spurred by my son being diagnosed with Autism, digging deep and realizing that to live your authentic life is what we’re all really here for. Nothing happens by ‘accident’.
Here’s the link:
Happy NEW year 🙂 love and blessings – Layla

A post about Neuroplasticity – Autism Treatment Centre of America


Your child’s brain is highly plastic. It can grow and change drastically – in any capacity, at any age. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

“But autism is a neurological disorder!” Sure it is. But your child’s neurology can be changed. Completely. Utterly. Totally.

This is a photo of my brain. Ain’t it cute? More important, this photo was taken by fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) at one of the research centers at Northwestern University. They wanted to see if my brain functions like a so-called “normal” brain. They had me do various kinds of activities, such as facial expression recognition, a very social skill, and they tracked where the blood flowed within my brain. Would the same parts of my brain “light up” during these social activities as would the brain of someone who had never had autism? I’ll admit, I was as curious as they were!

And the answer is…yes. Yep. Yessirree, Bob. The results were no different than those of the brains they had scanned of people with zero history of autism.

So, if someone tells you that, because autism is a neurological condition, it can’t be significantly changed, or that The Son-Rise Program® can’t change neurology, or that, because your child is 12, his/her brain has “set” like concrete, and he/she can no longer learn to talk or converse or whatever, don’t buy it. (After all, a seventy-five year old can have a stroke, lose his/her language, and then learn to speak again, so why are people still telling us that “it’s too late” when our children are 12 or 20 or 32?)

These types of comments are based on an old, outdated view of neurology that has been thoroughly disassembled, dismissed, and discarded by modern neuroscientific findings.

Isn’t that awesome? YOU may have always, deep down, believed in your child’s limitless possibilities. Isn’t it great to know that the science is behind you?

If you want to spread the science of hope, share this post!

Raun K. Kaufman

Director of Global Education

Autism Treatment Center of America®

Author, Autism Breakthrough

What does a cow say?

I’m so incredibly excited and proud today…  Joe has been using the Geniini video modeling program for around 18 months and look what he comes out with today! On a whim I grabbed the box of animals to match the ones on the video, but behold! He even labels ones that aren’t ON the video (Bee, Zebra, Chicken) and exchanges the animal in the correct part of the sentence!

The thing that blew me away was later in the day I took him to the library. I picked a book that he’d never seen before and labelled half the items in it using the same strategy. “What does an apple say?”  “What does a shoe say?”… Ok, what I was excited about was he was telling me he actually knew the names of all these things, and was having so much fun using his voice and communicating what he was seeing! We’ll work on ‘the correcting stuff’ later… Gotta walk before you can run ! Happy happy days! 


CD program for ASD

I’ve been using this with Joe for around 8 months. It’s a 3 CD program that is especially designed for helping children aged 2-13 with Autism.

You play the CDs on a rotation basis to you child either in a relaxing part of the day or as they are drifting off to sleep. Each CD contains a positive story, but it what is layered under that that really cements it home.

It has layered underneath calming frequencies that tap straight into the subconscious as well as classical music which has been scientifically proven to have all sorts of positive effects on the brain… A human heartbeat which further assists the relaxation process, and very very subtle subliminal message (that always sounds sinister, but it’s not as it’s disclosed as to what they are)…

Love mum, love dad, I am healthy, I am happy, change better, I can, I am, I will, I do, new me, much better, yes yes yes,school concentrate, school learn, school enjoy, remember.

These are recorded below audible level, but if you turn it up right at the end you can hear them, just. I’ve found them excellent for joe, with his sleeping, but he did start to open up more and more as time went along.

I spoke to Rick Collingwood who created the CDs and he assured me there is not one thing on the CDs that could possibly harm him. He just said keep using them and he’ll just keep improving. The reason I rang him is that it’s suggested to rotate the 3 CDs over 6 nights of the week then one day break. But I noticed joe would get up in the night screaming and then realized it was his ‘night off’. I didn’t want him to become dependent on them or anything so I rang Rick to check. He said his subconscious was finding them so soothing that it wasn’t ready to let them go. So we didn’t take nights off and his sleep just didn’t change after that. Oh, only on the full moon which I’ve heard for kids with ASD is pretty common.

In the photos you’ll see the area each cd focuses on. Honestly, for the $50 I paid for course it’s been 8 months worth of therapy. I’m sure you’ll find it will help.


Video modelling -pointing and labelling

Here’s an example of a video model I did for Joe of pointing and labelling. He took to it like a fish to water. It was more an experiment at the time as I videoed it in first-person (using the lense like he’s see it through his eyes). He hasn’t seen this video for some time but saw the poster again this morning and hadn’t forgotten any of the names! I’ve attached just the video of Joe demonstrating what he’d learnt. When I work out how to attach the demo video I’ll attach that too. He was 3 1/2 when I filmed this (about 6 months ago).

Sky’s the limit, you can do this as an instructional video for any toy or puzzle or even reading a book! Using it as an opportunity to create language and purposeful play. It may be a version of ‘scripting’ at first but the ideas they link together from this are amazing, and the fine motor skills (especially with puzzles).

Because these guys are such strong visual learners I’ve found whatever Joe has learned via video modelling in the first person he has retained amazingly and given us so much to build on.

Three-sided toothbrush!

What the…?! Yes, they’ve invented the three-sided toothbrush for adults/kids with sensory issues! Less time in the mouth and less brushing… I’m still yet to try it as mine are in the mail, but it makes sense.

Here the link if you want to have a look-see….

Three Sided Toothbrush Special Needs – Adult/Child Toothbrush

Let us know if you’ve had one or how you go if you try one 🙂

Neuro-Fit intro video

Here is a link to the new ‘Intro video’ that Neuro-Fit has just put together. It explains how the program works, better and far more simply than I can put it. I just know the benefits we have seen in every area that the spectrum affects. We are on our second 3-month course, the first one was so beneficial we thought we’d do another 🙂

There are clinics in L.A. and Brisbane Australia (where we attend).

Neuro-Fit intro video – click here