Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for sharing this journey with me. If you are like me, you’ve been given the task of being a carer and guide for one of these beautiful people. They’ve got so much to teach us about ourselves and each other, and I believe it’s no ‘accident’ they’ve chosen us. I am up for the task! But honestly, there are days when my conviction and confidence wavers. It’s on these days we need each other.

I wanted to start this blog to cover various areas of this journey. I wanted to share ideas that I’ve used to help my little guy (Joe, 3yrs, ASD) meet me in the middle. Well, to ‘meet’ me at all really. These ideas are working, though it is still early days for us yet, but we are seeing some wonderful growth and awareness blossoming in our son that was a dream for us a year ago. It was through many suggestions to blog these ideas that I decided I SHOULD blog what we’ve been doing, as I was told some other people may be interested. Not only that, but it’s sometimes easier to have someone refer to something that’s written rather than explaining and repeating yourself over and over to friends and relatives and I’ve found that to be extremely exhausting in trying to get people to ‘understand’ our situation, if you get my meaning.

Some of these ideas and resources we’ve been trying are not new at all. You’ve probably come across many of them…. Or, maybe not. Like a lot of things in life though, it may not necessarily depend solely on how you use something, but WHEN can also come into the equation more often than not. There is a wisdom in Nature of the timing of things. Plant a seed in winter and you can pretty well guarantee not much will happen. It may lay dormant until a more ‘seasonable’ time, then all of a sudden BOOM. Growth. Forcing growth is futile. Allowing things to blossom of their own accord and Nurturing at the right times and in the right ‘order’ I have found works more in the natural ‘flow’ of things; wastes less energy and is more effective. 

But for now, I look forward to writing more, if not just for my own growth and self-reflection. Look forward to hearing from you all 🙂

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