Keeping an open mind….

This is a completely different take on ‘our’ kids. I have come across this more than once on our journey so far and the more I look into it the better it makes me feel. Our children are here to make us all shift and grow and change everything we think we know about our world. Look into the term ‘Indigo Children’. It is worth a look. Here is a link to a documentary a friend sent me this week. I thought I would share as some of you may be familiar but some may not…. I know my son definitely fits into this idea and it certainly helps me to know maybe he chose me and that means he has faith in me that I can do this journey with him, and that I AM good enough…. AND it is a privilege to be chosen as a parent to one of these world-changing souls….

Indigo children documentary – press here to view (1hr 9min)

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