Video modelling -pointing and labelling

Here’s an example of a video model I did for Joe of pointing and labelling. He took to it like a fish to water. It was more an experiment at the time as I videoed it in first-person (using the lense like he’s see it through his eyes). He hasn’t seen this video for some time but saw the poster again this morning and hadn’t forgotten any of the names! I’ve attached just the video of Joe demonstrating what he’d learnt. When I work out how to attach the demo video I’ll attach that too. He was 3 1/2 when I filmed this (about 6 months ago).

Sky’s the limit, you can do this as an instructional video for any toy or puzzle or even reading a book! Using it as an opportunity to create language and purposeful play. It may be a version of ‘scripting’ at first but the ideas they link together from this are amazing, and the fine motor skills (especially with puzzles).

Because these guys are such strong visual learners I’ve found whatever Joe has learned via video modelling in the first person he has retained amazingly and given us so much to build on.

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