CD program for ASD

I’ve been using this with Joe for around 8 months. It’s a 3 CD program that is especially designed for helping children aged 2-13 with Autism.

You play the CDs on a rotation basis to you child either in a relaxing part of the day or as they are drifting off to sleep. Each CD contains a positive story, but it what is layered under that that really cements it home.

It has layered underneath calming frequencies that tap straight into the subconscious as well as classical music which has been scientifically proven to have all sorts of positive effects on the brain… A human heartbeat which further assists the relaxation process, and very very subtle subliminal message (that always sounds sinister, but it’s not as it’s disclosed as to what they are)…

Love mum, love dad, I am healthy, I am happy, change better, I can, I am, I will, I do, new me, much better, yes yes yes,school concentrate, school learn, school enjoy, remember.

These are recorded below audible level, but if you turn it up right at the end you can hear them, just. I’ve found them excellent for joe, with his sleeping, but he did start to open up more and more as time went along.

I spoke to Rick Collingwood who created the CDs and he assured me there is not one thing on the CDs that could possibly harm him. He just said keep using them and he’ll just keep improving. The reason I rang him is that it’s suggested to rotate the 3 CDs over 6 nights of the week then one day break. But I noticed joe would get up in the night screaming and then realized it was his ‘night off’. I didn’t want him to become dependent on them or anything so I rang Rick to check. He said his subconscious was finding them so soothing that it wasn’t ready to let them go. So we didn’t take nights off and his sleep just didn’t change after that. Oh, only on the full moon which I’ve heard for kids with ASD is pretty common.

In the photos you’ll see the area each cd focuses on. Honestly, for the $50 I paid for course it’s been 8 months worth of therapy. I’m sure you’ll find it will help.


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