What does a cow say?

I’m so incredibly excited and proud today…  Joe has been using the Geniini video modeling program for around 18 months and look what he comes out with today! On a whim I grabbed the box of animals to match the ones on the video, but behold! He even labels ones that aren’t ON the video (Bee, Zebra, Chicken) and exchanges the animal in the correct part of the sentence!

The thing that blew me away was later in the day I took him to the library. I picked a book that he’d never seen before and labelled half the items in it using the same strategy. “What does an apple say?”  “What does a shoe say?”… Ok, what I was excited about was he was telling me he actually knew the names of all these things, and was having so much fun using his voice and communicating what he was seeing! We’ll work on ‘the correcting stuff’ later… Gotta walk before you can run ! Happy happy days! 


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