A new year :)

Hi!Happy new year everyone!

I just wanted to let you know I’ve started a new Facebook page which will be linked to my new YouTube channel next year… Featuring video blogs from me and various guests… And also footage of some of my live music performances of original songs, all based around the new thought /spiritual ideas and concepts on mynew

blog. This is a new phase in my life that I hope to grow as a new platform for myself, having been a professional singer for the past 20 years, hopefully helping others along the way, and integrating my own original music into the mix. This has been 20 years in the making… Of course I’ll be continuing to add to this one as well as I’ll always have new wonderous things to add about our journey!

Please ‘like’ my page or share it if you have the time. Thank you for your support xxx Here’s to the beginning of a new year and a new phase in life, all spurred by my son being diagnosed with Autism, digging deep and realizing that to live your authentic life is what we’re all really here for. Nothing happens by ‘accident’.
Here’s the link:
Happy NEW year 🙂 love and blessings – Layla